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NEVER Struggle to find your KEY in the DARK again!

NEVER Struggle to find your KEY in the DARK again!

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Illumi-key: The World's First BLE LED Tracker

Introducing the Illumi-key Pro, a Bluetooth LED Smart Key Tracker designed to transform your everyday House/Office Key into an All-in-One Smart Key. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, it automatically illuminates in the dark as soon as you approach the virtual proximity of your home/workplace, ensuring you never fumble in search of your keys again. Its advanced 2-way communication tracking capabilities enable you to effortlessly locate your connected key device or phone if they go missing.

Eco-Friendly Solution for Light Pollution

Illumi-key minimizes unnecessary lighting, promoting sustainability. Our intelligent system activates only when needed, saving energy & preserving the night sky's beauty. Illumi-key benefits less fortunate neighborhoods, reducing material costs & light pollution often associated with common lighting practices. By minimizing artificial illumination, it supports wildlife habitats & ecological balance. Implementing Illumi-key fosters awareness & responsibility for a brighter future!

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