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Inruca: The Smartest Bag for the New World

Inruca: The Smartest Bag for the New World

Carry your bag, disinfect your stuff

Your phone, keys and wallet are hotbeds for bacteria and infections? No more! With INRUCA you can disinfect them by 99.9996% simply by placing them in the UV-C pocket and pressing the button.

Carry your bag, disinfect your stuff

Never run out of battery power again

With INRUCA you have power whenever you need it the most. Recharge your mobile phone, tablet or any USB device on the move with the built-in power bank. You can even charge 2 devices at a time!

No more keys, only fingers

INRUCA is the world's first bag to offer a fingerprint locking system that allows you to unlock your bag in only 0.5 seconds storing fingerprints of up to 2 admins.

INRUCA mobile App

Track your Assets:

Get an alert on your phone whenever you forget your laptop, wallet or keys

Anti-theft alerts:

Get a real-time alert in your mobile if someone steals your bag.

Integrated lights:

With INRUCA 2’s integrated LED lights, you’ll easily find even your smallest items in your bag like fidget toy in the dark.

Location tracking:

Don’t know where you left your wallet or keys? Simply look up your tagged asset in the INRUCA 2 mobile app to see it's last known location.

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