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Inseye Lumi: Enter Into a New Realm

Inseye Lumi: Enter Into a New Realm

Upgrade your Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 with Inseye Lumi's AI-based, camera-free eye tracker. Enhance your VR experience with predictive foveated rendering optimizing performance and visual quality. Bring advanced eye-tracking capabilities to your headset with Inseye Lumi the future of VR.

Redefining the Way You Interact with VR

Inseye Lumi is a camera-free, eye-tracking solution for your Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 headset. By integrating 6 advanced photosensors around the lenses of your headset, Inseye Lumi meticulously captures the reflection of light from your eyes. This innovative approach accurately determines the direction of your gaze without the need for traditional camera-based tracking systems. The result? A seamless, camera-free VR experience that recognises your eye movements with unparalleled precision.

Foveated Rendering for the Win

Inseye Lumi utilizes invisible infrared light and photosensors to accurately determine the direction your eyes are positioned towards, allowing for precision readings of where your attention is centered. Thanks to our advanced algorithms and 1000Hz speed, gaze prediction delivers foveated rendering with virtually zero latency, setting a new standard for VR gamers.

Phenomenal Focus

Your VR experience becomes more immersive with Inseye Lumi’s foveated rendering, enhancing your usability and vision quality. 


Foveated rendering is no longer a luxury reserved for high-end VR enthusiasts. Inseye Lumi has made this advanced feature more accessible to all by harnessing the power of real-time gaze point prediction. Boost your FPS and improve GPU efficiency to levels previously only achievable with a significant hardware investment.

AI Power

Combining advanced AI-based software with simple photosensor hardware, Inseye Lumi enables unparalleled precision in tracking gaze dynamics. The software calculates gaze position with near-zero latency, because the vision controls are grounded in extensive population data, enhancing VR interactions. 

It’s So Meta

Brought to life for the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3, Inseye Lumi is the ideal choice for enhancing your VR experience with the optimal headset device on the market. 


In full compatibility, Inseye Lumi uses 1000Hz eye tracking for PC-VR games to reduce the GPU load, and integrates custom DFR solutions in any VR spaces to enhancing performance and your visual experience. Whether you’re gaming or using interactive gaze with your social media platforms.


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