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Always PRESENT: Break Your Unhealthy Phone Habits

Always PRESENT: Break Your Unhealthy Phone Habits

Find yourself wasting too much time on your smartphone? Be in charge of your time again with PRESENT — the smart docking station that helps reduce smartphone use while keeping you reachable for important calls.

Beat the temptation

Feel like the temptation to grab your phone is getting a bit too strong? No worries. The PRESENT app allows you to lock your phone inside for a set amount of time. A foolproof way to fight the urge, no matter what.

Keep your phone charged

Don’t worry about draining your phone battery. PRESENT will charge your phone wirelessly from the moment it’s placed in the station. Never search for it again or leave the house with an empty battery.

Time is precious. It’s time to spend it right

How often do you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through your phone when you're not even expecting a call? Or maybe you're trying to have a nice dinner with your family, but everyone is just looking at their phones. It can be tough to break free from unhealthy smartphone habits, but with PRESENT, it's easier than ever.

Elegant soft lighting

PRESENT is more than just a smart docking station. It is a beautiful piece of decor built with premium materials that omits warm and soft lighting. Configure the lighting settings in the app to fit your personal needs, so you can for example enjoy time offline in the presence of a calming glow of light.

Intuitive smartphone integration

It’s too easy to fall back into your old routine of excessive smartphone use. With the intuitive PRESENT smartphone app you can set clear goals for your smartphone usage and track progress. This way you’ll gain a better understanding of your (family’s) screen time and reduce your chances of falling back into the smartphone rabbit hole. Work on improving your phone behavior together with the whole family - because quality time is valuable.


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