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ioCube BricksGo: Illuminate Your Imagination

ioCube BricksGo: Illuminate Your Imagination

Meet ioCube BricksGo! The first wireless magnetic brick toy ! It's like magic for your creativity - build, light up, and watch them Go!

Introducing ioCube BricksGo

Snap together the magnetic bricks to create anything you can imagine, then place your masterpiece on the power panel. And behold the magic - watch as the power bricks come to life with movement, and the light bricks illuminate your creation. Connect, charge, and let the playtime adventures begin! 

Wireless Power Magic

Experience our uniquely designed power panel, delivering energy to light and power bricks from a distance. Each brick comes to life when it approaches the power panel, eliminating the need for batteries or additional power sources.

Magnetic Mastery

With magnets at every corner, enabling the brick to connect with up to five others. This robust magnetic interaction ensures seamless connectivity, unlocking a world of creative possibilities.

Endless Possibilities

Every brick (except the power brick) effortlessly connects to others, allowing for limitless combinations and unleashing boundless imagination.


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