Jewel Ice: A Premium Cocktail Ice Mold

Jewel Ice: A Premium Cocktail Ice Mold

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Up Your Bar Game & Enjoy Your Drinks For Longer

Meet Jewel Ice—an ice maker that uses a patented three-stage cooling method to create transparent, dense, slow-melting ice. Now you can finally say “goodbye” to diluted drinks!

Up Your Bar Game & Enjoy Your Drinks For Longer

Patented Three-stage Cooling Method ❄️

Jewel Ice’s patented 3-stage cooling method pushes excess bubbles and impurities toward the freezing surface of the ice, which makes the ice transparent and clear. Jewel Ice also features a cold-resistant insulator that enhances the patented cooling method and allows the ice maker to maintain a stable temperature resistance.

Four Ice Mold Options 🧊

  • Long & Mini Stick
  • Ice Ball
  • Cube
  • Sphere Diamond

Anti-slip, Compact Design ✅

Jewel Ice’s design prevents ice from slipping out of the mold while “harvesting.” It’s also smaller than standard ice molds to save freezer space. Plus, it has a handy grip that allows you to easily remove the ice mold!

Dishwasher-Safe 🙌

Jewel Ice’s silicone mold is dishwasher-safe and protects your ice from foul odors in your freezer and unsanitary particles.

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