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Joipaw: Mental Activities For Healthier Dogs

Joipaw: Mental Activities For Healthier Dogs

Joipaw: more than a video game for your dog. Engage in co-op play, track your furry friend’s health, and dispense treats. It’s a bonding experience that ensures entertainment and mental stimulation, nurturing a happy pet — no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Bored or ill?

Poorly stimulated dogs have a 6.5x higher risk of dementia and can develop other illnesses. For a loving dog owner, this is not ok. If you ever felt guilty looking at their sad bored eyes or wondered if they're sick but don't show it, Joipaw is here to help.

Bored or ill?

Take care of their mental health in a fun way

For dog owners who recognize the importance of mental stimulation, Joipaw offers a groundbreaking way to play and bond, while simultaneously safeguarding your pet's cognitive health. Traditional toys may bore your dog, but Joipaw's engaging games are designed to provide enjoyment for both you and your pet, coupled with a cognitive workout. This unique approach helps prevent early brain damage and reduce the risk of dementia in dogs, keeping your pets mind sharp and active.

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