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Revolutionary kitchen system that consists of inserts. The inserts works like a piece of a puzzle, where the magnet system allows it to be connected to the other inserts. This not only makes storage easier, but also allows for flexibility based on the needs of your kitchen.


The insert consists of 6 forks that are magnetically connected to each other


With its revolutionary approach to storing spoons using the poka-yoke method, your kitchen work will become even more efficient and pleasant.


What exactly does poka-yoke mean? This is a Japanese concept that means "error-prevention". Using this method, the spoons in JUST SPOON are impeccably organized, allowing for quick and easy access, while preventing any confusion or difficulty in use.

Safe Can

Consisting of five products, these products allow for easy installation on your can. Each of these five products is available with or without holes, allowing flexibility to suit your needs. All products are magnetically connected to the insert, which ensures stable attachment and safe use.


The entire product forms a rose shape, adding elegance and appeal to your drink. 

Magically connected via magnets

Nespresso organizer

Organize nespresso capsules easily with various stylish, space-saving storage solutions.

Same as a puzzle

Assemble your inserts according to your wishes or according to the shape of the drawer. Each insert is connected to each other via magnets in a unique way that is not yet known in the world.

Create your own personal kitchen

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