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K- Cup Cold Brew Coffee Anywhere With KEVO

K- Cup Cold Brew Coffee Anywhere With KEVO

Indulge in the captivating aroma, robust flavors, and exceptional convenience that KEVO offers to every cold brew connoisseur. With portable design and user-friendly functionality, you can enjoy a refreshing, authentic cold brew K-cups coffee wherever life takes you.

Caffeine Fueled Adventure

KEVO's sleek and lightweight design allows you to indulge in your favorite brews anywhere without sacrificing taste. On top of that, you can use up KEVO without a single battery or plug-in - perfect if you're camping, hiking, going to work, traveling or just looking to whip something up. Take KEVO with you! The basket has been specifically designed to be less than 2" in diameter, so KEVO can even fit in leakproof mugs such as a Nalgene bottle – now how cool is that?

Sip On Sustainability

Go green and feel awesome with our zero-waste, eco-friendly basket that features a sturdy stainless steel mesh - reusable, reducing paper filter waste! Since 2020, K-cups have leveled up, they're now recyclable. Fun fact - coffee pods rank 2nd in energy efficiency after instant coffee! Stay worry-free, as the pods remain fresh for up to 3 years, unlike traditional grounds' few weeks. Now all that's left is picking what unique blend suits you best today.

Ultimate Cold Brew Coffee Experience

Everyone deserves the best cup of cold brew coffee. Meet KEVO - your personal coffee wizard, here to transform the way you enjoy cold brew coffee in just 8-24 hours. Fueled by our founders' passion for invigorating mountain biking escapades, KEVO offers a seamless grab-and-go cold brew experience. We're committed to transforming your mornings — and to saving you the hefty $4 you splurge on a cold brew at local pitstops. After all, unparalleled coffee is everyone's birthright!

Skip The Long Line And Just Sip

No more long lines at cafes or the blunt taste of coffee. With KEVO, you can enjoy authentic cold-brew coffee anytime using either K-cups or your preferred grind size. Our versatile brewer offers single-serve options for K-cups or traditional grinds, and with over 400 K-cups flavors to choose from, you'll never run out of options. Skip the daily coffee run and savor the perfect cup of cold brew with KEVO.

Say hi To Freshly Cold Brew Coffee in the Morning

Precision Meets Taste

We used a refractometer to quantify the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), capturing the perfect balance between flavor intensity and smoothness. By surpassing the standard TDS benchmark of 1.4%, with just 2 pods, KEVO guarantees to elevate your coffee experience to unparalleled heights. The basket has been specifically designed to be less than 2" in diameter, so KEVO can even fit in leakproof mugs such as a Nalgene bottle – now how cool is that?

Design Features

First on the market to feature an air escape disk in our basket, so you can skip the coffee grounds pre-wetting process. With its remarkable floating design, you'll have unparalleled control over your preferred water content - from 6 to 12 fl. oz. for our K-cup Brewer and from 8 to 16 fl oz. with our Universal Basket Brewer. Plus, the subtle tilt of the floating design in your mug helps to unleash trapped gasses for deliciously wetting and richer coffee.



K Cup Brewer = 154mm




Food grade ABS plastic


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