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Kisooee™:The Car Cover You Have Been Looking For

Kisooee™:The Car Cover You Have Been Looking For

There are car covers, and then there’s Kisooee. This multi-coated, stretchable, easily foldable, flexible, quick-access car cover can lay out across your car in less than 30 seconds. No, dealing with huge parachute-like covers, no guesswork on where the ends go.

30 Sec is All It Takes

You will be left wondering why nobody has thought of this before when you see, first hand, how easily foldable the Kisooee car cover is. The layers stack on each other as it folds in on itself in ideal fashion making your life easier and your car’s life longer.

Surprisingly Revolutionary

Kisooee uses an innovative, flexible framework embedded throughout the cover. The polymer-coated, soft-metal framework creates flaps that can be unfolded & folded over the car as the cover is applied or removed. The smart design of the flaps covers specific parts of the car. With each flap carefully designed for its particular location on the vehicle, you will have full protection without the guesswork of wondering which end goes where.

What's So Special About This Car Cover?

Imagine a car cover specifically covering your hood, windshield, roof, trunk, and all the side panels. Imagine if that cover could be laid out across your car perfectly as if tailored for your vehicle. With its patent-pending design, Kisooee splays out across your car in less than 30 seconds (even on windy days!) and just as easily folds back. For the first time, a car cover is easy enough to be used by anyone, anytime, keeping your car protected!

Not Just Sunproof…It's Everythingproof

You know that feeling of walking out to a shiny car in the morning and driving without any muck on your windows? Yeah, we love that feeling too. 
This is why Kisooee is made of multi-coated 190T Polyester Taffeta, which basically means that neither bird doo-doo, nor tree sap, nor mud, nor dust, nor sleet, nor snow can get on your car when it's covered with a Kisooee. The multi-coated material makes Kisooee more than water-resistant; it makes your car dirt-proof.

Windproof… In More Ways Than One

We don’t recommend putting a cover on your car in the wind, but you would have no problem at all with Kisooee. It's specialized bands, and quick layout design allow you to get it on your car without it blowing away. No need to stress about your freshly washed car being left exposed to the elements because it only takes thirty seconds to unfold and secure Kisooee on your car.

The Right Temperature

Few things ruin the look of a car more than sun damage. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of sun, Kisooee has it under control hood, protecting your car from high temperatures with its UV-resistant design and preventing any sun fade to the paint and damage to the interior as well as windshield/ dashboard tech (e.g. sensors, cameras, etc.). Whether you’re deep in the deserts of Arizona or anywhere else the sun shines, Kisooee will keep you from having to get a new paint job every few years.

What’s in the Box

KISOOEE cover & optional sidebands in a carrying bag + instructions


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