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Kitchenery: Cut the Cord for Wireless Cooking

Kitchenery: Cut the Cord for Wireless Cooking

Say goodbye to messy tangled cords and inefficient cooktops. With Kitchenery's Quantum Energy Pad powered by Wireless Power Transfer Technology, you only need one plug and one cord to power our suite of sleek and cordless appliances. Maximize space usage and eliminate the risk of hazardous plugs.

Kitchenery Cordless Cooking

Kitchenery Cordless Appliances are powered by innovative Wireless Power Transfer technology, plug the Quantum Energy Pad (QEP) in and set your appliances on top. Turn them and through induction you can cook or make coffe on the same surface.

The Quantum Energy Pad

Kitchenery's coils are installed at the base of every appliance and in the pad to transfer the exact amount of power necessary to power any device in our suite or cook with Quantum quickness.

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