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The power of AI to evaluate Apps performance

Branded apps are valuable. We utilize the power of combined algorithms and models to monitor the brand performance of your mobile applications.

About LANDE Digital Platform

Imagine a world of possibilities! With a click of a button, you can now evaluate the brand performance of your mobile applications. The time spent guessing on the marketing and value creation success from app version upgrades or compliance validation is removed. Welcome to the world of possibilities.

What Makes us Unique

Our platform gives you: 1. Emotion-free evaluation done by AI. 2. Evaluation backed by theoretical models and supported by empirical research. 3. Back-end framework developed and adaptable to other industries.

We Improve on Traditional Foundation

The top-tier consulting firms depends on traditional evaluation, and mostly focuses on core operations and not on digital assets of businesses. We set the pace by concentrating our evaluation on the future of brand identity of a business- the mobile applications.

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