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Lapi Pet: Your Pet’s Best Friend

Lapi Pet: Your Pet’s Best Friend

Worried about your furry pal when you're not around? Meet LapiPet: the ultimate 2-in-1 feeder and water fountain, boasting both cleaning and freshness features with UV sterilization and a vacuum system. Plus, with its AI camera, you can control and play with your pet remotely even when you're away.

Welcome to Lapi Pet – Your Pet’s New Bestie!

With its clever 2-in-1 design, this nifty gadget combines a feeder and water fountain into one convenient and sleek package. No more worrying about mealtime or thirsty pets – Lapi Pet has it covered!

Pure and clean water

LapiPet's water fountain uses UV filtration to keep your furry pal’s water fresh and sterile. Double filtration removes impurities while UV light sterilizes the water, ensuring your pet always has clean and safe water to drink. No need to worry when you have long travels—LapiPet ensures your pet stays hydrated and healthy!


Not Just a Feeder, But a Storage

LapiPet is more than just a feeder; it’s also a food storage! With its advanced vacuum sealing technology, you can securely store your pet’s food, keeping it fresh and free from pests for longer.

Fresh Food For Your Friend

LapiPet has cutting-edge vacuum sealing technology, creating a unique low-pressure and low-oxygen environment. This clever system effectively prevents oxidation by removing air with a vacuum pump. Not only does this keep pesky ants at bay, but it also locks in the freshness of food, ensuring it stays crisp and nutritious. Plus, LapiPet features a UV sterilizer in the food section, adding an extra layer of freshness and safety to your pet's meals.

Unparalleled Water Purity

With LapiPet, your furry friend will always have access to fresh, pristine water. The water fountain boasts a generous 3.5L capacity, triple filtration with a UV sterilizer, and two modes—regular flow and motion sensor—for a continuous supply of fresh water. Plus, with its built-in battery providing up to 180 days of life, you can trust that your pet's hydration needs are met even during extended absences. With LapiPet, your pets can stay happy and healthy, no matter where life takes you.

Fresh and Safe Food for Your Pal

With LapiPet, you can store your pet's food and keep it fresh for longer! Much longer! Our advanced vacuum sealing technology prevents oxidation and keeps pests away, ensuring your furry friend always has tasty, nutritious meals. No more worries about stale food or ant invasions—LapiPet has got you covered!

Easy to Care, Easy to Clean

LapiPet makes pet care so much easier with its simple-to-clean design. All parts are easily detachable and washable, so you can keep everything hygienic with minimal effort. Less time cleaning and more time enjoying moments with your furry friend!

What’s in the Box

• User Manual
• LapiPet Type C cable
• Water filters x3 
• Silicagel for maximum freshness x3
• Pet Feeder
• Water Fountain
• Platform Body


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