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LeMerle SM 71: Golf With Your Own Stats

LeMerle SM 71: Golf With Your Own Stats

Introducing the LeMerle SM 71, the first connected putting solution designed to improve your putting game. With enhanced analytics and specialized sensors, this innovative putter calculates every aspect of your game and turns it into valuable stats.

A connected putter

Technical specifications SM71
Rechargeable through USB
Up to 10-hour battery life
Bluetooth connectivity

Embedded technology
3 inertial measurement units


Improve Your Putt Like No Other

By making all these calculations, your LeMerle SM 71 is the best golfing partner you can ever have. It gives you real time analytics as you play, offering insights you may have never known. From there you can use the app to train and improve your putting game. Other golf aids will require a camera to be set up and use big bulky equipment throwing off the feel and comfort of a normal putter. The LeMerle SM 71 is the same weight and feel as a regular putter, and can be used even without the app…

Carbon Shaft

We don't sacrifice technology for durability which is why we made the shaft of the putter out of aerospace grade carbon fiber. The SM 71 is made to outlast all other putters. The shaft on your SM 71 is engineered and designed in France and is ratioed to be the perfect weight, length and mass.

Silicone Grips

Redesigned putter protection and grip. As for the putter, we started from scratch. Use and function at the heart of design. Our covers and grips are available in 3 colors. integrated enhanced grips to come in "B" "M" and "'S" and you have the choice of small, medium or large sizes.

The Putter Headcover

Your LeMerle SM 71 comes with new-age technology worthy of protecting, which is why your putter comes with a specialized silicone covering to ensure the longevity of your putter. Never worry about damaging your putter when it sits next to the driver and nine iron again with the 3-D printed, custom made headcover.

What’s in the Box

1 full putter (head, hosel, shaft, sm71g grip and inserts)
1 connected module that is already assembled
1 passive module to use for competitions
1 USB cable for recharge
1 silicone SM71H protection cover
A leaflet and the user instructions are available via the app


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