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Lockinvisible: Fully Integrated Bicycle Lock

Lockinvisible: Fully Integrated Bicycle Lock

Enjoy the freedom and convenience of riding your bike without the added hassle and weight of carrying around a traditional lock. Meet Lockinvisible: the world's 1st bicycle lock that fully integrates into your bike’s frame — for a clean, hassle-free, and secure ride. Every single time.

Ride in style, Lock Invisible!

Why sacrifice style for the sake of security? With Lockinvisible, you get the best of both worlds! Its frame-integrated design ensures you’ll maintain your bicycle’s original aesthetic, so you can ride in total style — just like intended.

Lock And Seatpost, All In One!

Lockinvisible replaces your seatpost and is one with your bike — so you can hop on and ride without looking for your lock. Don’t worry – Installing it is extremely easy:


Replace your bike’s original seatpost with Lockinvisible. Fix the height of the seat with the height-fixing adapter.


Open the quick release and pull out the seatpost (Lockinvisible) together with the seat, from the bike. Pull out the elements of the lock from the seatpost. Rotate the lock components around a suitable landmark, the frame, and one of your bike’s wheels. Lock them into place with your key cylinder!


Unlock it by turning your key counterclockwise until the lock parts pop out again. Push the lock parts back into place, then replace Lockinvisible into the seatpost position. Close the quick release and you're good to go.


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