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LUCILLA  the revolutionary lamp against mosquitoes

LUCILLA the revolutionary lamp against mosquitoes

Lucilla is the first portable lamp to keep mosquitoes away, with an innovative low frequency sonic emission system with three intensity levels. Beautiful indoors, perfect outdoors. Magnetic attachments, variable low frequency sonic emitter, RGB + White Light. Safe and powerful.

How Lucilla's Sonic Emitter Works

Our emitter was made specifically and exclusively for mosquitoes. That's why it works!!


Why sonic and not ultrasonic emitters ?

The difference is essential.


This emitter emits really low-frequency sounds which reproduce the wings of the male, thus driving away the females, who are the ones who sting and who need the blood for the reproduction of the eggs.

Our emitters are of variable frequency.

This means that mosquitoes cannot get used to the same frequency, becoming insensitive over time.

3 levels of sonic emissions

The emitter is very slightly audible even to humans. That's why we made it extremely versatile in various situations. Level 1 very low emission: excellent use in small rooms or next to children's beds, in this case the noise is practically imperceptible. Level 2 low emission: excellent use in larger rooms and outdoors. Level 3 normal emission: excellent outdoor use in case of many mosquitoes.

These products are dangerous or ineffective

All chemical-based products are known to be dangerous to health. Natural products are not very effective and sometimes harmful because they can cause allergies, especially in children

UV lamps are useless and harmful

UV lamps are useless because they do not repel mosquitoes, on the contrary, they attract them. Furthermore, being non-selective, they also kill insects that are useful for the environment.

You will love Lucilla

Lucilla can illuminate up to 20 m2. 8/10 hours of lighting without recharging. Charging time is 4/5 hours.
With its magnetic attachment diffuser and RGB light, you can create the atmospheres you want and it becomes. Thanks to a VARIABLE FREQUENCY SONIC EMITTER  you can finally enjoy the summer evenings without worrying about these annoying and dangerous insects that transmit serious diseases. 

3 mt. radius (range) outdoor, and 25/30 m2 indoor.

Prototypes of the electronic boards and their components were made in collaboration with light-cube spin-off from the University of Padua.

Light-cube collaborates with OSRAM, Artemide, Flos to name a few.

Lucilla's video

We present a short video of Lucilla

Lucilla is technology and beauty

Lucilla is the first design lamp against mosquitoes. Thanks to the innovative built-in variable frequency sonic emitter, Lucilla keeps mosquitoes away outdoors in a radius of at least 3m. In a domestic environment, it is sufficient for 20/25sqm. Its RGB + high-power white light system makes it unique. Its magnetic attachments allow the diffuser to be quickly attached, giving the impression that it is floating in the air. 


  • Led: RGB + White light 4000K°
  • 0.890 Kg 1.96 lb
  • Power: 9W+6W 1100Im
  • Battery: 25000mAh 5V

Lucilla is IP44

You can use Lucilla in the rain and wind, no problem, it's IP44

About us

We are Mauro and Maurizio, two lighting designers. We have collaborated with big Italian and foreign companies (Foscarini, Lodes, Occhio etc.) for the development of products. Look at our website

Mauro has also obtained the prestigious Red Dot award for the Akis lamp. But we are also, above all, two friends who are passionate about camping and fishing


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