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SKWHEEL: World’s 1st All-Terrain Electric Ski

Experience skiing like never before, with the ability to explore more than just traditional terrain. Switch seamlessly from snow-covered slopes to urban streets or sandy shores. Unlock speeds of up to 80 km/h and enjoy a 30 km journey on a single charge at 25 km/h.

Everyday Can Be Ski Day

Ever wished skiing wasn't just a winter thing? Or that your scooter could tackle more than just pavement? With SKWHEEL, you’re saying goodbye to terrain limits. From sandy beaches to forested trails or bustling city streets, it's your all-season, all-reason ride. Who needs seasons or special gear? Just glide, wherever the mood strikes.

Optimal Experience Spring System

Engineered for stability and performance, the revolutionary spring system used in SKWHEEL closely replicates the sensation of a skier's carving technique, bringing a realistic touch to each glide. Now you can stabilize the direction of the front wheel via leaning to one side or another and glide effortlessly on your skies. This isn't just about getting you from point A to B, it's about mastering the art of the journey.

A Revolutionary Handle

Embark on a Skwheel skiing adventure where the handle takes center stage. Picture smooth acceleration, braking, and real-time speed control – all thanks to this revolutionary handle. Conquer the slopes effortlessly, and when you reach your destination, let the handle simplify life by effortlessly uniting your skis. As the day winds down, the telescopic handle transforms your Skwheel into a compact suitcase. It's not just a handle; it's your key to seamless, stylish skiing adventures. 

Swap Batteries and Keep Going

Running out of charge? Not with Skwheel. Unlock longer trips by easily swapping batteries. Simply attach the lightweight 1.2kg clip-on battery in just 5 seconds, to extend the max range and ride as far as you’ve got clip-ons! And when it's time to recharge, each clip-on charges from 0 to 100 in just 2 hours. Get ready to go and experience limitless rides.

2400W  Combined Output for Unmatched Performance

When it comes to electric skis, power and efficiency are crucial. SKWHEEL's state-of-the-art electrical system boasts a total output of 2400W. That’s 600W from each wheel — giving you unparalleled control and performance as you navigate any terrain.

Ski Longer with Up to 1.5 Hours. Because why not?

We get it, you're a go-getter, a mover and shaker. And that's why SKWHEEL comes with a whopping 1.5 hours of operational time. Now you might be thinking, "Great, but what's the catch?" Expect your SKWHEEL to go on and on, like that Energizer bunny. Remember, SKWHEEL is not just about the destination, it's about how you glide along your journey.

On-The-Go Convenience

Imagine slipping into your skis without missing a beat. SKWHEEL allows you to get set up while standing and ready to embark on your next adventure in less than twenty seconds. No fuss, no hassle, just pure, streamlined efficiency that keeps your focus where it should be—on the exhilarating experience ahead.


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