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Lux Medi: Light Therapy For Your Pet

Lux Medi: Light Therapy For Your Pet

Your pets go through life just like you and sometimes they get hurt, which is why Lux Medi is a new kind of light therapy device that is engineered to relieve pain for your pet, accelerate the healing process of wounds, breaks and inflammation and reduce the demand for repetitive vet visits.

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How Light Therapy Works

Light therapy is a new-age method of treatment for injury and recovery that has been used on humans and animals alike. New technology has proven how light can increase blood flow, cell growth, muscle recovery and more. Certain wavelengths of light have various effects on the body and Lux Medi has perfected the combination of light patterns for specific conditions to promote healing the best way possible.

Not Just for Injuries

The Lux Medi device can be used to reduce inflammation with targeted light application. It can heal a cut or wound by increasing cell growth. It can accelerate the recovery of muscles from sprains or arthritis by increasing blood flow. Finally it can alleviate pain without the use of drugs. Lux Medi is ideal for injured pets, older animals and pets that have undergone surgery.

All Your Furry Friends

Lux Medi is not designed specifically for a dog or cat. It can be used for all your furry friends that you love to have in your family. Whether you have a big English mastiff at home or a tiny guinea pig, the Lux Medi is designed to keep all the animals you love healthy and making you happy for a long time.

Help Out the Vet

The Lux Medi has been tested and proven to be an effective method of treating conditions, pains, and injuries. It has also been certified and approved to be a treatment option for your pet. It is KC-certified, so you don’t have to make a visit to your vet for routine treatment. Get your Lux Medi and save the amount you would have to pay and help heal your pet yourself.


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