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MagSleeve™: World's 1st Bottle with Magnetic Sleeve

MagSleeve™: World's 1st Bottle with Magnetic Sleeve

Even your most active days just got easier with MagSleeve™, the world's first magnetic water bottle sleeve. With its unique magnetic streamlined features, MagSleeve™ revolutionizes the way you carry and access your essentials on the go. Just grab, go, and conquer your workout.

But It’s Also… a Magnetic Sleeve!

The secret behind MagSleeve™'s patent-pending revolutionary design lies in the powerful magnets built into the sleeve. 


The industry's best Neodymium N52 magnets provide an attachment for all smartphones and small accessories. The circular magnetic array and hinge-mounted design allow for versatile smartphone orientation and angles, perfect for capturing workouts or staying connected on the go.

Keep Your Belongings In One Place

How many times have you decided to start a workout or yoga class, only to realize you have no safe place for your smartphone and keys? 

With MagSleeve™, you can keep all your essentials attached to your water bottle while exercising, eliminating the risk of leaving them on the ground or in an unsecured locker.

No more dirty surfaces, sweaty armbands, or waist belts. MagSleeve™ keeps your phone and other items clean and attached ON YOUR BOTTLE. NEXT TO YOU.

Record & Enhance Your Performance

MagSleeve™ isn't just about convenience; it's about enhancing your performance. 


The powerful magnetic grip holds your smartphone. This means one thing... you can easily record your exercise sessions, capturing vital data for tracking your progress and performance enhancements. Whether you're logging your reps, monitoring your form, or navigating fitness apps, MagSleeve™ keeps your phone right where you need it.

What’s in The Box

•  1x Water Bottle
•  1x MagSleeve 

•  1x Key chain
•  1x Pack of adhesive-backed strike plates


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