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MajorDom: Your Own Smart Home Ecosystem

MajorDom: Your Own Smart Home Ecosystem

How can you combine usability and functionality to create the smart home of your dreams? MajorDom simplifies life without compromising on features. Here's the future of home automation - seamlessly control devices, prioritize privacy, and meet Archie, your very personal AI assistant.

Gadgets: Simplifying Complexity

Smart home gadgets promise to make life easier, but managing them can quickly become overwhelming. MajorDom streamlines this process by consolidating control of various devices into one user-friendly interface with its own hardware and software. Bye to juggling multiple apps and routines – MajorDom makes managing your smart home so much easier.

Bridging the Gap

Existing smart home systems struggle to balance usability and functionality. Proprietary systems lack customization and compromise privacy with cloud reliance. Open-source solutions demand technical expertise. MajorDom bridges this gap with user-friendly operation, robust privacy, and extensive customization options, from personalized automations to device settings adjustments using the local networks for your privacy.

Why MajorDom is Smarter: Our Philosophy

MajorDom prioritizes privacy, autonomy, and ease of use. The system is designed to respect user privacy, storing data locally and offering end-to-end encryption for remote access. With an intuitive interface and smart automation technology, setting up and managing your smart home has never been easier. MajorDom believes technology should work for you, not the other way around. That’s why we create our own hardware and software to meet your needs.

Made by Us, for You

At its core, MajorDom’s philosophy is complete control and transparency. That's why MajorDom develops its own hardware and software, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. MajorDom’s commitment to open-source principles allows users to contribute ideas and features, making MajorDom a truly collaborative, absolutely personalizable platform.


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