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Make your own water from the air

Make your own water from the air

Meet Kara Pure — the perfect water dispenser that captures moisture in the air and turns it into pure and healthy drinking water

Enjoy better-tasting alkaline water straight from

Featuring the newest technology, Kara Pure is the world's first 9.2+ pH antioxidant-alkaline and mineral enriched water dispenser machine that delivers you up to 2,5 gallons (~10liters) of water each day created from the air.

Forget all about buying bottled water

Featuring the innovative, air-to-water filtration system, combined with a germicidal UVC tech, the Kara Pure delivers you pure, ionized, fresh drinking water, without the need to connect it to the water pipes and infrastructures. Plug Kara Pure in and begin drinking the pure and clean water you deserve.

More than an air-to-water dispenser

A constant source of drinking water

Innovative technology

Fresh and mineral-rich water

Environmentally friendly


  • Power 110/220V AC 60Hz
  • Weight 35kg (77)
  • Water Properties Ionized, Mineral, Antioxidant
  • Materials Stainless Steel, BPA Free

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