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Mech Wallet : Push to Reveal, Fidget for Fun

Mech Wallet : Push to Reveal, Fidget for Fun

Simple Joy in Men's Pocket,3 distinguished drive feels that make payments more ritualistic,while also providing comfort when you're feeling down.

Easily Eject Cards With A Single Swipe.

Normally Holds Up To 6 Cards
Up to 7 Cards (All non-embossed), 

Up to 5 Cards (All Embossed)

Up to 9 Cards (+Accessories)

Card Anti-Drop Design
In everyday use, ensuring that the card stays securely in place from any angle, eliminating worries of it slipping out.

Providing An Elegant Way To Carry Your Cash.

Extra-Large Magnetic Pocket
Crafted from premium cowhide leather, this spacious opening allows for easy access.

Provides Convenience For Daily Commutes

Quick-Scan Card Slot
For easy tap to pay or scanning access

 (Hold up to 3 cards)


Detachable Money Clip
Made of 304 stainless steel, this clip allows you to choose its position based on your preference for left or right-handed use. Its reusable adhesive ensures that no residue is left behind when removed.

The Joy Of Choosing Combinations

These three drive modules each have their own unique charm, and when paired with different model designs, they unlock countless possibilities. Each product will be as unique as you are.


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