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Meditation Hug

Finally, Painless and Focused Meditation

Your Sanctuary

Created by a group of meditation practitioners, Meditation Hug™ is the versatile support for your everyday meditation practice. Help relieve chronic stress, anxiety and depression.

Privacy Hood

Wrap yourself in good energy and find that special calmness you are looking for. Comfortable, lightweight and cozy, it keeps you warm and isolates you from distractions — helping you regain control over your mind and emotions.



"Meditation Hug™ helps me stay in a balanced and calming position without any muscle tension and enjoy meditating. Light, comfy, and seems to give you a warm and cozy hug!"


"I am so pleasantly surprised by Meditation Hug™ - comfortable design, soft material material and great idea! Perfect for anyone like me who want to meditate long hours without any ache"

De-stress During Crisis

  • Effortless, perfect posture
  • Soft, lightweight & portable
  • Distraction-Free Immersion

How to Wear Meditation Hug™

In less than a minute, wrap yourself in tranquility and start meditating.

Relax Your Body. Relax Your Mind.

Meditation Hug™ is made from skin-soft and light natural fabrics that make you feel even more connected to nature and the universe.

Breathable Back Support Shell

The breathable hard back shell gives you strength, and combined with the unique tie-in mechanism provides support to both your lower and upper back, relieving the pain and helping you sit comfortably in the meditation pose for a prolonged period.

Adjustable Attachment Belt

If you are experiencing any back, muscle or joint pain, Meditation Hug™'s adjustable attachment belt reduces the tension and pain in your body and help meditation become a daily practice.

Strong Metal Rings

The two sturdy metal rings help cocoon your body, releasing the muscle tension in your back and legs and ensuring a long-hour effortless seated posture.

Product Details

  • Height 50 cm Length 38 cm
  • Hood Height 150 cm Belt Lenght 50 cm
  • Weight 850 g (30 oz) Fits all sizes
  • Fabric 100% Viscose

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