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MeeBaa Mesh Messenger: Connected Anywhere

MeeBaa Mesh Messenger: Connected Anywhere

A game-changing messaging platform using cutting-edge Mesh network technology, keeping you connected off-grid even without cell, WiFi or satellite.

Create Mobile Mesh Network Anywhere, Off-grid

With MeeBaa Mesh Messenger, you can send voice, text, haptic (Morse code) messages, and share locations without cell, WiFi or satellite. What's more, there are no subscription or recurring license fees! All data is sent digitally to ensure security, so only intended recepients will receive your messages. It is truly peer-to-peer, off-grid, decentralized communication.

Power of Mobile Mesh Networking

MeeBaa uses its proprietary Mesh network protocol, Loccinet to connect to other MeeBaa users via hops to extend range. As all users are mobile, the Mesh network changes constantly and seek for the best devices for hopping. As more users joining the local network, even if some are not part of your group, the network gets stronger, more resilient, and far-reaching. A public group allows you to broadcast emergency messages to all MeeBaa devices within the local network.

A Closer Look at MeeBaa

MeeBaa Mesh Messenger is a one-of-a-kind messaging platform that stands out from the crowd in terms of its innovative features and unparalleled benefits. Unlike traditional messaging apps, MeeBaa operates using cutting-edge mesh networking technology, enabling you to stay connected even in the most remote and challenging environments.

Text Messages

Send preset short-messages directly from device or send text messages from MeeBaa app on smartphone.

Voice Messages

Push-to-talk (PPT) on device as in walkie-talkie. Sender can choose to playback instantly or later for receiver. Receiver can override this setting in group settings.

Haptic Messages (Morse Code)

Use the Morse button on device to send a Morse code message. Sender's and receiver's device will vibrate in the sequence simultaneously.

Location Sharing

Location data is sent with every message by default. Location data is acquired from both MeeBaa device and smartphone GPS data, whichever is available.

Multi-hop Mesh Networking

Communication range of up to 5km (3.1mi) between two devices with line-of-sight. Relaying across nearby devices to extend range and bypass terrain complexity.

Up to 36 Hours Up-time

Large 5000mAh LiPo battery gives you up to 36 hours of up-time (measured at 77°F/25°C). Low-power consumption design improves its usability and reliability. Connect a solar charging pad with USB-C for continuous operation.

Secure and Encrypted

All text messages are encrypted and sent digitally to ensure security, so only intended recepients will receive your messages. It is truly peer-to-peer, truly off-grid.

Pre-downloadable Map

Display your group members on pre-downloadable map. Choose a meeting point on map and share with your group.


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