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Meet the Caspian Sea Monster

Meet the Caspian Sea Monster

The Superplane - experimental ground effect vehicle developed in the 1960s. Mechanical model constructor kit made of pure steel - excellent gift for enthusiasts of technical creativity as well as the aesthetics of complex metal structures.

Incredible engineering design

The engineers at "Metal Time" didn't overlook this remarkable object and created a model based on the core concept of the "KM" project. This aircraft had ten jet engines, short wings, and distinctive features in its tail section. It was designed for flights over water surfaces and could glide during takeoff and landing. All these features were incorporated into the self-assembly model of the "Caspian Sea Monster". The self-assembly model "Caspian Sea Monster" comes with a platform. 

Unique aircraft

Schematic jet engine turbines are positioned on the fuselage, nose, and tail sections of the model — eight in the front and two in the rear.

This configuration made the "Caspian Sea Monster" prototype a unique aircraft with no equal in the world.

The model is made from colorful stainless steel, giving it vibrancy, and making it a worthy interior decoration.

Distinctive features of the model include windows on the fuselage, wing geometry, and movable ailerons on the main wings and tail section.

Real prototype and model video

The "Caspian Sea Monster" is dedicated to aviation, military technology, and unique large machines. By studying the history of aircraft development, you will encounter many interesting and useful facts. Perhaps, assembling this specific model will awaken your inner builder's talents or serve as a push towards choosing an engineering profession.


  • Movable ailerons
  • Detachable platform
  • 250 x 105 x 70mm (9.84 x 4.13 x 2.76 in)
  • 0.7kg (1.54 lb)

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