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Discover Microbiology at Home–1000+ DIY Experiment

Discover Microbiology at Home–1000+ DIY Experiment

Are you curious about the unseen world of microbes around you? Become an experienced Microbiologist & perform 1000+ experiments from the comfort of your home, with the necessary lab materials and a guided course crafted by microbiology experts. A must-have for all science enthusiasts.

Learn to Grow Bacteria and Identify Microorganisms

Treat the scientist in you with thrilling experiments!  Perform cool experiments that make learning about microbes fun! Boasting over 1000 lessons and 1,000+ experiments for beginner to advanced, your Microbiology Streamlined kit unlocks Pandora's box of exciting microbial experiments.


You'll have expert guidance at every twist and the freedom to set your own pace. As a grand finale, you'll proudly get a Roctar Academy certificate.

Transform Your Home Into a Mini-lab

Roll up your PJ's and jump into the captivating micro-universe without even leaving your favorite couch! No need to head to the university to get access to microbiology experiments anymore. 


Imagine what was once found only within the confines of universities now brought right to your doorstep by Microbiology Streamlined. Transform your space into a fully equipped lab, complete with dyes, Petri dishes, pipettes, lancets, and all the necessary accessories.

Discover the microcosm of everyday life

When you dive into experiments with microbes, you're in for more than just a good time. Explore the fascinating worlds of fungi, algae, archaea, protozoa, bacteria, and beyond.

Ever wondered about the not-so-pleasant surprises Fido might bring in on his paws? Or whether your freshly washed food still harbors bacteria secrets? Of course, you'll also uncover the delightful science behind yogurt's fermentation process. Get ready for a microbial journey that's both enlightening and entertaining.

Embrace Active Learning with Expert Guidance

Whether you're taking your first steps into the world of science or you're a seasoned pro, we've got an exhilarating certified microbiology journey just for you. 


Our meticulously crafted course is the brainchild of passionate microbiologists who are true industry experts. With their guidance, you're not just learning—you're also tapping into the knowledge of some of the absolute best in the field. It's time to elevate your scientific journey.

It’s not just about teaching—it’s about learning!

Here at Roctar, we're not just experts—we're your trusty companions on this scientific expedition. With a decade of experience in crafting awesome science kits, we've fine-tuned the art of making science fun. 

Why break the bank on pricey theoretical courses when you can unlock the secrets of microbiology with us? We're on a mission to make the process of learning science accessible, affordable, and utterly awesome.


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