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Mileseey D9 Pro Laser Measure Master

Mileseey D9 Pro Laser Measure Master

World’s 1st Laser Measure with Game-changing Visual Aligning Indicator | Advanced Point-to-Point Measurement | Industry-first Live Angle Display | Comprehensive Measuring Solutions for Inaccessible Areas | Unrivalled 18 Measuring Modes for Any Task.

The new paradigm of measurement

Introducing the Mileseey D9 Pro — the groundbreaking evolution in laser measurement tools. Boasting bilateral visual aligning laser indicator, the D9 Pro seamlessly integrates visual alignment with distance measuring, redefining the laser distance meters. Now ALIGNMENT and MARKING has never been more FASTER, more ACCURATE and EASIER In laser measurement.

Advanced Easy P2P Measurement in Complex Situation

Along with fundamental measuring features, the D9 Pro offers cutting-edge point-to-point(P2P) measuring feature that captures the distance between ANY two points from one remote location, offering a SAFE, ACCURATE way to take distance measurements of inaccessible areas and complex measuring situations

Comprehensive Easy Indirect Measurement

The visual aligning lasers can go over long distances, enabling measurements at reference points that are otherwise difficult to reach, like ceilings, frames, and beams. Along with point-point measurement and indirect length & height, the D9 Pro makes indirect measurement unprecedentedly easy.

18 measuring modes for unsurpassed capability

The D9 Pro stands apart by offering the widest range of measuring modes— more than any other model available on the market. It's packed with a total of 18 measuring options, from the fundamental to the more advanced. Professionals and DIY enthusiasts can always select exactly what they need to get accurate measurements in ANY challenging task.

Industry-first Angle Rotation Display

Use the laser reference line as your starting point and move the device away from that initial line, the D9 Pro will accurately display the real-time angle formed between the current reference line and the original one on ANY SURFACE! This feature gives real-time confirmation of correct angle you need on WHATEVER the surface in angle measurements.

More Humanized Design

The large 2.4’’ LED IPS touch screen brings more convenient and intuitive operation. The Smart Mileseey App allows real-time data sharing, data storage, and plan construction with the measured data. An integrated flashlight helps you measure with utmost visibility in dim environments, and a thoughtfully engineered magnetic mount enables quick grip & quick access.

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A state-of-the-art laser measure that allows you to work smarter.


The laser measure reigns supreme as the epitome of cutting-edge laser precision technology.

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