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Minimalist Silicone Electric Toothbrush

Minimalist Silicone Electric Toothbrush

Premium US Tech meets Italian Design in the Coolest Minimalist Toothbrush with a 4-month Charge

People Are Talking About Poma

People Are Talking About Poma

People Are Talking About Poma

People Are Talking About Poma

People Are Talking About Poma

The most effective clean for everyone

Made possible thanks to innovative Nylon & Silicone brush head powered by 15,000 dynamic & soft vibrations per minute.

About Poma

We are on a mission to simplify oral care. We believe in crafting products that are the best in the world in doing just one thing they are designed for.

PomaBrush was carefully designed by world-class designers and engineers to deliver the ideal brushing experience – just this and nothing else.

We were backed by thousands of people globally. PomaBrush is the most funded project in the electric toothbrush category history.

Needs to be recharged only 3 times per year

The brush holds 1 month of charge, and its compact charging case extends toothbrush battery life for extra 3 months.

Ideal for travel or outdoor use

Beautiful bathroom without wires

The Benefits You Get With Poma

2 year warranty

If your PomaBrush does not work as expected, we will repair any parts or replace your toothbrush entirely so that you can enjoy the Poma smile.

Powered by Dentists

To create the ultimate toothbrush, dentists played a key role in the development and testing of PomaBrush.

10x Better Clean

PomaBrush clean 10 times better compared to a regular manual toothbrush and doesn't cause unnecessary harm to gums and enamel.

Enjoy PomaBrush 2 times a day

Incredible tactile sensation

Enjoy brushing your teeth with the revolutionary sensations of PomaBrush.

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