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Mirrist: The Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser

Mirrist: The Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser

Experience plastic-free aromatherapy with Mirrist's glass water tank. Avoid microplastics and phthalates, a real worry for plastic electric diffusers. Reserve yours today to secure a prelaunch discount - 30% off! Reserving helps Mirrist become a reality.

British design, worldwide shipping

Mirrist is based in the UK and will ship world-wide. Shipping costs will be shown in the next stage when crowdfunding. Prelaunch is here to see if there's interest. So far many people want a glass diffuser!

Relaxing - Clean - Fresh - Scent

Experience the power of aromatherapy without the worry of plastic. Mirrist features a glass water tank to keep away from microplastics and phthalates, a real worry with the majority of electric diffusers on the market. This is the start of a journey to change how we look at aromatherapy. 

What's Mirrist all about?

The need for a glass water tank started this project, but then I realised it could be so much more…

Eco friendly

User replaceable parts for a lifetime of use


Mirrist is about relaxation, so no more noisy fans

Solid design

2.5mm thick outer glass and solid, steady base.


Comes with a 1.8 metre braided power cable but you can use any style you like! It’s USB C powered.

Say Goodbye to Plastic

Ever noticed how 99% of aromatherapy diffusers are plastic? If not on the outside, they will almost always be plastic on the inside. This needs to change. Every week I will see new articles stating serious health concerns with plastic coming in to contact with water and food. From experience I know that many aromatherapy oils break plastic down. This will just be diffused out of the device, which is far from therapeutic. 

Water and essential oil...

Nothing more but simply scent and relaxation. 8-10 drop of your favourite essential or fragrance oil with 150ml of water leads to 6 hours of blissful scent.

Just glass.

Inside Mirrist is a glass water tank with a user replaceable ultrasonic disk. Clean and eco friendly, great for both you and the environment! 

Power with USB C

We love standards - no more special cables you have to buy from the manufacturer. No more e-waste from random power supplies. Use any USB C cable you want and almost any USB power supply to run Mirrist. 

Mirrist comes with a high quality braided USB C cable. 

Scent on demand

Ultrasonic diffusers give a stream of scent, they fill a room very quickly so they're perfect for setting a mood and the best way to change to one of the thousands of scents available!


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Dimensions and Specification

Standing at 23cm (9 inches) tall with a square base of 10x10cm (4 inches), Mirrist is compact enough to go on any surface but still allows for 100ml of water to give 4-6 hours of scent. 


Running at just 700mA at 5V you can power this from many sources including power banks for varied use. Please just remember this is glass so keep it safe, it wont like being shaken.

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