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Your cat can't tell you how it's doing. Moggie can

Your cat can't tell you how it's doing. Moggie can

Moggie tracks your cat's activity and picks up on subtle changes of behavior. This helps identify potential illnesses. You can track their activity with our app in easy-to-understand natural language.

Monitor your cat's health

Track your cat’s activity with the health monitor, and receive their health updates directly to your phone wherever you are. With Moggie's help, your vet can detect earlier signs of life-threatening illnesses - leading to a longer & healthier life for our besties.

Monitor your cat's health

Translates to human

The Moggie app tracks your cat's behavior and translates their needs into human speak with AI tech. Get texts from your cat with simple and actionable insights straight on your phone.

A longer and healthier life

Moggie 😻 can help vets more quickly uncover up to 80% of illnesses 💉 that can be detected through subtle changes in activity 🧶 - such as diabetes and osteoarthritis.

The purr-fect companion

Comfortable for them, convenient for you.

3 month battery life

Ready when you need it, just turn it on and go about your day.

Lightweight device

Only 7g, optimized for maximum feline comfort

Adaptable to their collar

Designed to be adjustable to find the perfect fit for your cat

A fur-midable bond

Peace of mind and a deeper connection with the Moggie cat health tracker

Always on

24/7 monitoring of your cat's health for a longer & better life.

Direct insights

Insights from their activity straight to your phone.

Guilt free

Peace of mind about your cat’s wellbeing whilst you’re away

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