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Fusion Keyboard 2.0: The Keyboard Revolution

Fusion Keyboard 2.0: The Keyboard Revolution

Redefine the borders of productivity with the ultimate 4-in-1 keyboard, blending seamless touchpad functionality directly into the keys for unparalleled compactness and efficiency at home or on the go.

Leave the Mouse at Home

Meet Fusion Keyboard 2.0: the revolutionary hybrid of a keyboard and mouse. With an invisible multi-touch touchpad built into the keys, you can now type, navigate, and scroll — all straight from the keys, without moving your hands. It’s fast. It's convenient. It’s the future. 

Leave the Mouse at Home

Multi-Device & Multi-OS

Whether you use iOS, Windows, Android, or all at once — with Fusion Keyboard 2.0 you can seamlessly toggle between up to 3 devices across different operating systems with just a simple button combination, making multitasking an absolute breeze.

Transform the Way You Work and Play

With Fusion Keyboard 2.0, you get everything you need in one sleek and compact design. Whether you’re drafting an email on a train, editing a document in a café, or scrolling through a presentation in a meeting, Fusion 2.0 is your go-to gadget for getting things done efficiently and in style.

Smart Dynamic Touch

Fusion Keyboard 2.0’s smart dynamic multi touch area—now larger and more responsive than ever before—intelligently detects and automatically switches between type and touch, so you can seamlessly transition between typing, swiping, and scrolling.

Declutter Your Workspace

Keep your workspace clean and organized. Because why have a separate mouse and mousepad take up precious space when you can use a single all-in-one Fusion Keyboard 2.0? It doesn’t get any neater than this, period.

Get More Done in Less Time

With Fusion Keyboard 2.0, you'll never have to move your hands from the keyboard to reach for a separate touchpad or mouse. This means less physical movement, less strain on your hands, and faster navigation—allowing you to work more comfortably with maximum efficiency. 

Magnetic Pencil Holder

Don’t know how to store your Apple Pencil? Simply snap it onto Fusion Keyboard 2.0’s magnetic pencil holder, built into the case — keeping the pencil always in reach while you work and snugly locked into place while on the go. 


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