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MyComfyTech: Lightweight HEPA Air Purifier

MyComfyTech: Lightweight HEPA Air Purifier

Breathe easy and healthy with MyComfyTech — the newest portable air purifier you can wear around your neck. Thanks to our unique design, featuring detachable parts, fight off city smog, stinky smells, and pollen, and breathe instantly clean air just by wearing a stylish device anytime, everywhere.

Detach and Share

Detach and use your MyComfyTech anywhere you need it. Its two detachable parts weigh just 230g for two—very close to your smartphone. Despite its lightweight, MyComfyTech boasts a powerful airflow of 9 m3/h, making it super-effective in small areas. You can keep one part to yourself and place the second one in your partner’s car, on the office desk, or anywhere you want it.

Quieter Than Your Fridge

When you think of air purifiers, you might imagine a loud, humming noise. But that's not about your MyComfyTech. 
MyComfyTech air purifier is as quiet as a gentle breeze. With a sound range of 30-50 dB, you'll barely notice there's a device around your neck — but sure, you will feel the difference in the air quality you breathe.

As Easy as Breathing

It’s very easy to turn your MyComfyTech on. 

Just five simple steps, and it’s ready to use.


1. Put it on.

2. Press the button.

3. Choose the mode based on the air quality (normal, turbo, or max).


In serious air pollution environment: 


4. Add a contact-free visor on.

5. Direct the outlet to the nose and mouth.

Your Pure Air Bubble

Outsmarting crosswinds and urban pollutants, MyComfyTech is your personal air guardian, approved by rigorous national lab tests. With MyComfyTech, you’ll enjoy "good" air quality, even when your weather app registers it as "unhealthy". MyComfyTech is your anywhere, anytime pure air bubble.

Your Personal Climate Control

Equipped with advanced cooling and heating systems, your MyComfyTech ensures you breathe clean and fresh air while remaining comfortable no matter the conditions. Whether it's replacing your cozy scarf on chilly days or offering a cool breeze when the heat rises, MyComfyTech becomes an indispensable part of your daily life, offering a seamless transition between seasons and weather. 

What’s in the Box

1 x MyComfyTech air purifier

1 x Attachable Visor

1 x USB-C Cable


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