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myFelo: A Relaxed Dog, A Relaxed You

myFelo: A Relaxed Dog, A Relaxed You

Bring harmony to your home with myFelo — the ultimate dog training and relaxation device that transform your anxious dog into the peaceful pooch of your dreams with a personalized, behavior-based approach.

Loud Noises? Uh Oh…

Loud and sudden sounds, like fireworks, thunderstorms, and garbage trucks, can cause tremendous stress to your pet dog. Suddenly the tranquility of family life is replaced by destructive behavior and barking fits that leave everyone feeling stressed out — you, your family, and your furry friend alike…

The Solution: Training mode

With myFelo's unique stressogenic sound training program, your dog becomes accustomed to problematic sounds with a gradually increasing volume until they no longer feel discomfort — resulting in a peaceful and calm environment for the entire household. Say goodbye to anxious barking and negativity, and hello to a more tranquil home!

No More Separation Anxiety

Your dog loves to be around you, but can feel anxious, scared, and even destructive when left alone. myFelo's Relaxing mode helps alleviate separation anxiety using relaxing classical and reggae music, so you'll be able to leave the house in peace knowing that your furry friend will be stress-free, and your furniture safe, while you're away.

The Solution: Relaxing mode

myFelo is easy to use in the everyday home setting. Simply find a moment when your dog is minding their own business, turn on the device, select the desired mode, and follow the included training guide.

40+ Stressogenic Sounds

myFelo includes a wide range of over 40 stressogenic sounds to train your dog with, so you can be sure that your furry friend will be prepared for no matter what noise pops up.

Record Your Own Sounds

Don't have the sound you need? No problem! You can record and load your own custom sounds to train your dog with — so if there's a specific sound you want to desensitize your dog to, myFelo has got you covered!

Adapts to Your Dog’s Needs

Every pup reacts differently to sounds. MyFelo knows. Its smart algorithm remembers the noises that make your four-legged buddy nervous. It then makes sure to target those sounds more frequently — for a more effective and personalized training process.

Perfect Wherever You Are.

myFelo's compact and portable design allows you to easily take it wherever you and your furry friend go, so you’ll never miss a training session.

Designed by Dog Behaviorists

myFelo is not your average run-of-the-mill dog training device. It's carefully designed with the help of professional dog behaviorists to ensure a safe and effective solution to your pet's stress and anxiety. So you can be sure that your dog is getting the best treatment possible.

Rechargeable Battery

Don't worry about running out of battery. Packing a whopping 2000mAh, myFelo lasts all day on a single charge. Plus, thanks to the USB-C port, charging it back up is an absolute breeze!

What’s in the box

  • Device
  • Charging cable (USB-C)
  • User manual
  • Training guide with dogs' reaction


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