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myFirst Camera 50: The First AI Camera for Kids

myFirst Camera 50: The First AI Camera for Kids

Unlock your child's creative potential with Camera 50 - not just a camera, but a doorway to imaginative worlds! Powered by cutting-edge AI, it simplifies content creation, allowing kids to craft and share their stories safely. Perfect for young creators eager to explore, learn, and express.

AI-Assisted Curation

Video Diary

Child-Safety Focused Social Circle

Lightweight and Ergonomic

Advanced Shutter Control for Young Photographers

Understanding the nuances of photography is crucial for young creators, and the myFirst Camera 50 introduces them to professional techniques with its advanced shutter control system. The camera features a dual-function shutter button that operates on a half-press and full-press mechanism, designed specifically to enhance the shooting experience and photo quality.


Half-press to Focus

Full-press to Capture

Press & Hold to Start Video Recording

Is Your Child an Artist?

Give your child a chance to be artistic and find out how creative they can be with the myFirst Camera 50. Take the opportunity to teach them about photography and maybe learn a thing or two yourself about photo capture and editing.

Moments to Last a Lifetime

With Camera 50, you can look back on these moments together, reliving them in a whole new light.

The myFirst Circle

The myFirst Circle is an innovative, cloud-based platform designed to ensure young creators can safely store, share, and enjoy their creative works. By downloading the myFirst Circle app, parents connect directly to their child's artistic endeavors, fostering a supportive and safe environment for their budding talents. myFirst Circle empowers a new generation of vloggers, filmmakers, and storytellers, all within a safe and secure environment that parents can trust.

Educating Through Fun

In this digital era, it's essential to introduce children to technology in a way that is both engaging and educational. The myFirst Camera 50 does just that, providing a hands-on learning experience for your child as they explore the world of photography and digital media. With its AI features and social networking capabilities, your child can learn new skills while having fun.

Designed by Parents for Kids

In 2017, our founder, G-Jay Yong was inspired to create the myFirst Camera after his daughter tried using his DSLR. This led to the birth of myFirst, which quickly became South Korea's top kid's camera brand. With a vision of introducing tech to children, we now offer a range of devices in over 36 countries driven by a commitment to enhance children’s tech interactions. Our products are designed to empower children to explore their full potential.

Material & Durability

Material: Thick TPU Frame, PC-ABS Body
Shock Absorption
Scratch Resistance

What’s in the Box

1x myFirst Camera 50

1x Neck lanyard

1x Anti-lost lanyard

2x myFirst sticker

1x Charging Cable

1x Quick Start Guide



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