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MSM™ Bodysuit: More Fitness, More Cost-effective

MSM™ Bodysuit: More Fitness, More Cost-effective

Save big for your lingerie budget with the Perfect Fit: suitable for daily life, parties, exercise, after-surgery, and postpartum.

Introduce Myshapemates™ 5-in-1 Bodysuit

Our 5-in-1 bodysuit offers a seamless outfit solution to replace bras and underwear. With our breathable fabric, you can wear it in your daily life, embracing diverse styles and fashion. It provides great flexibility, allowing you to comfortably wear it during exercise. Moreover, it's perfect for attending important occasions, enhancing your appearance with a flawless fit .

Prior to the most , our Shapefit™ tech offers a wide range of options with 21 sizes to choose from. 

Verstalie Comfort and Style for Every Occasion

Save Big on Your Lingerie Budget and Your Time

Our 5-in-1 bodysuit not only seamlessly replaces bras and undies but also combines the functionality of a waist trainer, shapewear, and activewear

With our 5-in-1 bodysuit, you'll save both time and money, as it eliminates the need for separate bras and underwear.

But that's not all. By embracing 5-in-1 our bodysuit, you'll also reclaim valuable space in your wardrobe. 

Find Your Perfect Fit with Our Shapefit™ Tech

With our revolutionary ShapeFit™ technology, you can always discover the perfect fit among our 21 sizes tailored to suit diverse body shapes. Say goodbye to ill-fitting bodysuits and always find the ideal match for your unique figure.

For straight and strawberry body shapes

Our standard size bodysuit is expertly crafted to flawlessly fit your body, ensuring ultimate comfort throughout the day.

For hourglass and inverted-triangle body shapes

we customize a pair of larger-sized bras specifically designed to provide optimal support for busty breasts.

For pear body shape

To prevent empty cups and ensure an intimate fit, we incorporate a pair of smaller-sized bras to achieve the perfect coverage for your needs.

Sculpt Your Perfect Tummy Curve with Ease

Our revolutionary ergonomic tummy control function draws inspiration from the elegant half-open rose shape. It not only flawlessly smooths your tummy curve by uplifting it but also simplifies the dressing process as you effortlessly pull it upward. In comparison,conventional tummy control bodysuits that typically feature a less elastic layer, our design ensures you won't get stuck while putting it on. 


Back Your Chest with 360-degree Support

With our integrated Shapeback™ technology, you can enjoy a 360-degree supportive embrace for your chest.

Side Support

Our Roundshape™ technology prevents lateral breast expansion, enhancing your silhouette and overall coordination during exercise.

Bottom Support

Our specially designed reinforced horizontal fabric keeps your chest lifted and prevents sagging, allowing you to tackle the most intense workouts with confidence.

Upward Support

Our widened shoulder straps deliver uplifting tension, giving your bust a natural lift .

Protect You from Bacterial Infection

We've engineered our bodysuit with advanced 5A level anti-bacterial layers strategically placed in the tummy and gusset areas.


These cutting-edge layers effectively combat bacterial breeding and safeguard your skin against potential infections. Whether you're in the postpartum or post-surgery phase, our bodysuit ensures you a peace of mind and uninterrupted comfort.


Our specialized anti-bacterial layers actively reduce 96% of Escherichia coli and 97% of Staphylococcus aureus on your skin

Protect Your Private Area & Maintain Flexibility

Our revolutionary semi-hollow underwear is specifically designed to protect your private area with precision and maintain your flexibility.Designed to shield your private area from exposure while preserving your flexibility, it provides discreet protection without limiting your movements, even during splits and physical intense exercise.Worried about restroom convenience? Relax! Our underwear features a convenient pull-away slit for hassle-free visits.

Elevate Your Comfort with Breathable Fabric

Our fabric is designed to exceed your expectations in every situation, offering superior breathability that will never leave you disappointed. Whether you're engaged in intense exercise or everyday activities, our fabric's exceptional breathability swiftly wicks moisture away from your body, ensuring you never feel sticky or uncomfortable.

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