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Non-Electric, No-Hassle Cat Fountain

Non-Electric, No-Hassle Cat Fountain

No-filter, no-motor, no-noise glass fountain to keep your cat(s) hydrated with clean water every day

No Whisker Stress

Cats prefer to drink moving water, served fresh, out of a shallow dish, so they don't get ‘whisker stress'. The water in a typical bowl is low for them to comfortably drink from, putting stress on their sensitive whiskers.

Safe Material


Constant Watering

Title for this sectionEasy Clean

My Favorite Way To Drink

Licking water from KittySpring’s shallow and wide dish is a pleasure. My adorable whiskers never brush against it and never hurt because of whisker stress!

Hard to knock over

I’ve already paw-tested KittySpring. After hitting the light yet stable fountain a few times, it never flipped over! The fountain stands strong against any of my paw attacks. No more puddles of water, I promise.

The most cat-friendly water fountain on Earth…

The safest beverage of my life

Thanks to its built-in stainless steel filter, KittySpring constantly purifies my water serving it to me in the cleanest, freshest and tastiest form. Merely looking at this water makes my mouth water, murrr.

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