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Nukii: Smart Auto-Locking Flash Drive

Nukii: Smart Auto-Locking Flash Drive

The tiny data guardian that locks, unlocks, and has your back - keeping your data and secrets safer with NFC technology. Share permissions, remotely delete data, and enjoy the reliability of server-grade memory. It's like having a helpful buddy for your digital life!

Always Auto Locks

Nukii's auto-lock feature keeps your sensitive data secure every time you disconnect - providing ultimate protection against unauthorized access, even if you forget to lock it yourself.

Patented NFC Sensor Unlocks Your Data in a Snap

No more passwords, No more hassle! Simply connect your phone to the Nukii App, hold your Nukii close to the NFC sensing area of your phone for 3 seconds, and voila - your data is unlocked and ready to use! Always remember that, when you unplug your Nukii it will be automatically locked. 

Remote Wipe: Wipe Worries Away

With one click, you can clear your flash drive using our cutting-edge flash memory clearing technology, ensuring that your data stays safe and secure, even after formatting and clearing.

Always Be In Control Of Your Shared Data

When you add someone to your shared list, they can unlock Nukii via their mobile phone. And if you change your mind or need to revoke access, it's as simple as removing them from the list. Easily track usage and access in real-time.

Stay Virus-Free with Read-Only Mode

Nukii's read-only mode protects against viruses and malware by preventing any writing or deleting of files on public computers.  This ensures your files stay safe and secure, providing complete protection against computer poisoning.

Server-Grade Memory Chips For Secure Data 

Nukii's high-quality memory chip ensures ultimate data security with stability and secure storage.Simply unlock your device with our app and rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure.

Share Your Nukii With Others

If you want to share your Nukii with others, simply follow these steps. Click the "Add User" button below. Click the + button to add a new shared user. If you have more than two devices, select the device you want to share with first. Scan the Nukii ID QR code to grant unlock permission.

Closer Look at the Ultimate Data Security Solution

  • Nukii device (64G, 128G, 256G, 512G, 1T)
  • Leather Protector
  • USB- C Adapter


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