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Oasis Mini - Calming Kinetic Art for Any Space

Oasis Mini - Calming Kinetic Art for Any Space

Find Peace, Tranquility, and Creativity with Oasis Mini - A Kinetic Art Canvas for Any Space. Priced at just $99 for early-bird subscribers.

Stunning, Soothing, Serene

A small ball rolls effortlessly through sand carving beautiful patterns and figures. Oasis Mini combines Kinetic Art and Tech into an accessible device that helps you to de-stress, become present, and express your creativity

A Canvas for Mindful Creativity and Expression

With a suite of app features and tutorials to help you create your own patterns, Oasis Mini becomes a unique canvas for creativity and self-expression. Watch your designs be meditatively carved into sand - an ephemeral medium that prioritizes the process.

A Simple and Intuitive Mobile App

A simple app allows you to control a variety of Oasis Mini features like speed, lights, and tracks. The app includes features to automatically create patterns from images and allows you to access an extensive library of publicly downloadable tracks.

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