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Octohide VPN: Accelerate your online freedom

Octohide VPN: Accelerate your online freedom

Effortlessly protect all your devices, access location-restricted content, and browse anonymously with Octohide — the all-in-one, configureless hardware VPN router.

The Great VPN Dilemma

Software-based VPNs limit you to that one device they’re installed on, and configuring VPN on your router is time consuming and unintuitive. Plus, not all devices support installation of VPNs: gaming consoles and certain smart TVs are left in the dust…

Introducing the Octohide VPN Router

Say goodbye to complex, time-consuming VPN setups on your router! The Octohide VPN router is the world's first hardware VPN router with encrypted ad-block DNS, that provides all of your connected devices with the freedom and protection they need in a blazing-fast and easy-to-use package. One VPN for all of your home or office devices!

The VPN for Everyone

You don’t need advanced technological knowledge to use the Octohide VPN router! With a simple plug-and-play action, all of your devices are connected to secure VPNs. Unlock unprecedented instant protection with minimal effort — it's that easy.

Connect at the Speed of Light

Switch between countries faster than ever before! With Octohide VPN, it’s now a reality. Simply select the country you wish to connect or switch to, and you’re connected in seconds. That’s not just fast… that’s blazing fast!

Unblock Your Internet

No more being restricted by region locked services. Now you can enjoy global content even on your game console, smart TV and other devices that don't support software VPNs. Buy and play games exclusive to other countries and install ge-restricted apps — all while changing up your location with the click of a button.

Secure Your Network. Browse safely.

The internet is full of malicious traffic out to steal your private information. The Octohide VPN router comes with a built-in VPN and firewall to protect all of your devices at once. Whether it’s your laptop, TV, smartphone… or even that smart light switch you’ve got the other week!

Blazing Fast Connectivity

Forget about constant buffering and slow loading speeds that come with third-party VPN services. The built-in Octohide VPN service uses the WireGuard protocol, which maintains significantly higher internet speeds than VPN solutions based on other protocols — so you can enjoy fast browsing speeds, every single time.

Free Yourself from Ads

No more clutter and distracting ads on seemingly every website you visit. Say goodbye to those annoying pop-ups, banners and video ads that keep interrupting your every step on the web. Octohide VPN blocks advertisements and other insecure content to give you a faster, cleaner browsing experience, across all of your devices!

Space for Individuality

Use it as your primary router, or as a secondary one for specific devices — the choice is yours. You can even assign the VPN service to only certain devices, while keeping all your other devices on the regular network. With the Octohide VPN router, you are in total control.

Control Your Kids’ Internet Use

Get total control over your kids’ screen time and secure their wellbeing with personalized internet rules using the easy to use web interface. Set individualized rules for each device and create time and speed limits on internet access to ensure a perfect balance between time spent online and off!

Free Lifetime Access

The Octohide VPN router offers the ultimate security for your connection. With 2 years of free access to VIP servers all over the globe and unlimited lifetime access to fast servers across 2-3 countries, you can surf in peace knowing you're protected — forever.


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