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OE Play: The Sound of a New Generation

A perfect balance of pristine sound and cutting edge design. The ultimate tweeter has come home.


Vintage design


Complete sonorous sound


Explosive bass


Lifetime warranty

Why OE Play

Unlike other commercial audio products, OE Play is an Air Motion Tweeter (AMT) electroacoustic transducer⁠—favored by the world’s top audio producers & music enthusiasts. OE Play’s unique acoustic AMT structure design enables sound to be transmitted from the folded diaphragm with high sound pressure. This makes its sound speed 3-5 times faster than a ball-top speaker.

Wide Sound Field

A 1 inch ball-top speaker commonly pushes air in an area of about 506 sq mm.Meanwhile, with its AMT unit, OE Play reaches as far as 4500-6900 sq mm when the diaphragm is expanded. That’s a sound field 8-13 times larger than a ball-top speaker and has an extremely wide frequency range of 1.5K-55K, meaning no musical detail shall be missed.

Exquisite Retro Design

OE Play’s simple, smooth ring is the keynote of its design. No matter where you place it, it will easily blend in and stand out. Additionally,with minimalist philosophy in mind, OE Play is carefully crafted with high quality material to offer an exquisite retro design at an affordable price.

Plug & Play

Just connect via bluetooth and enjoy your music, podcasts with no prior setup or annoying apps needed. Prioritizing great design, OE Play eliminatesthe need for any cables or battery packs.

Enjoy in Any Room

Easy to move around and with removable legs, OE Play gives you the freedom to enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere in your house in contrast to heavy and bulky regular sound systems.

Lifetime Warranty

Made with durable casing coated in fiberglass, OE Play is engineered to play the classics for a lifetime.

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