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OM MASK: World's Most Advanced Sleep Mask

OM MASK: World's Most Advanced Sleep Mask

Your most blissful, deepest slumber awaits you — we have engineered the first Bluetooth® sleep mask to embrace true blackout, noise reduction, and EMF radiation protection.

Our Mission

Our mission is to infuse cutting-edge technologies with ancient teachings to help awaken the true power and limitless potential within us.

Ear Cushions for Noise Reduction

Our ear cushions revolutionize your sleep experience by not only preventing strain on your ears, but they effectively reduce outside noise. Whether you're trying to drown out snoring partners, loud neighbors, or the hustle and bustle of city life, our ear cushions create a peaceful sanctuary for your ears.

Near-Invisible Bluetooth Speakers

Specially crafted for side sleepers, our mask supports ultra-thin Bluetooth® speakers. Seamlessly integrated into comfortable ear cushions, they provide a perfect fit, enveloping your ears and creating a personal sanctuary where outside noise is blissfully blocked out. Immerse yourself in a tranquil oasis, exclusively tailored for your ultimate relaxation.

Extended Battery Life

Our dedication to enhancing your audio experience goes hand in hand with optimizing deep sleep. Unlike ordinary Bluetooth® sleep masks, our product guarantees uninterrupted sleep by eliminating battery notifications. With an outstanding 20-hour battery life, double that of the leading competition, our mask delivers long-lasting performance. Rest assured, your sleep is our priority.

Zero Pressure on Your Eyes & Ears

Experience unparalleled comfort, as our luxurious mask gently cradles your eyes and ears, eliminating pressure — ensuring a truly blissful sleep experience. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, our mask adapts to your preferred sleeping position, providing consistent support and alleviating any discomfort.

Machine Washable

Our mask features an outer layer that houses the electronics. When it's time to give your mask a refresh, simply peel off the outer layer and effortlessly detach it from the inner layer. The inner layer, made from high-quality materials, is machine washable, allowing you to maintain a clean and fresh mask.

Fully Adjustable for Your Comfort

Tailor every element to your liking for an impeccable fit, from adjusting the head strap's tension to positioning the plush ear cushions and placing the speakers exactly where you prefer. Enjoy a seamless, super-comfortable fit that stays securely in place throughout the night, granting you uninterrupted relaxation and deep sleep.

OMSLEEP x Airestech Collaboration

We have exclusively partnered with Airestech to incorporate EMF radiation protection technology within our product. Their technology is scientifically proven effective by peer-reviewed and published research. It is globally patented and has undergone rigorous testing in order for their company to go public.


The Airestech technology incorporated within our mask is retailed at $219.99. Your Om Mask will include this!

How The EMF Radiation Protection Technology Works

The EMF (electric and magnetic fields) waves from electronic sources are chaotic, creating radiation that is inconsistent and incompatible with our bodies. Our chip does not interfere with the use of your electronic devices. Instead of blocking the radiation, our microprocessor restructures it, transforming the waves and creating a coherent radiation similar to our biological radiation. 

5 Scientific Publications

8 Peer Reviewed Studies

25 Clinical & Scientific Trials and Reports

22 Patents

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