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One Device. Endless Fresh Greens

One Device. Endless Fresh Greens

Fresh Veggies All Year Round

Grow up to 30 of your favorite tasty greens right on your wall - all 365 days! Pick your favorite fresh vegetables in your own home, save yourself a trip to the market while reducing your food & plastic waste.

The Issues with Buying Produce

Produce from the grocery store can be days old, sprayed with harmful chemicals, and wrapped in plastic. You and your beloved deserve only the freshest vegetables.

Organic Growing Pods

Choose from our large selection of certified organic seeds that you can order right from the app. Your HydroArtPod will optimize its light, water, and feeding cycles to maximize plant growth. Feel free to use your own seeds but you will have to manually adjust cycles to find your optimal growing conditions.

Prepared Plant Food

HyrdoArtPod will alert you when it’s time to feed your plants. Just toss in the pre-measured food pods when the app tells you to provide the complete nutrition your plants need.

Self Monitoring

Your HydroArtPod takes the guesswork out of harvesting at home. The Smart Sensors know when to turn off and on the LED lights, water, and alert you when your vegetables are at their peak nutrition and taste.

Low Maintenance

Your HydroArtPod only needs to be watered about once every two weeks and have nutrients added when notified by the app. It is quiet, uses as little electricity as a small aquarium — all you have to do is enjoy the miracle of nature indoors.

Track Your Plants

  • Get Notified: Refill water or add nutrients
  • Automatic Light: Perfect amount for the best yield
  • Vitamin Intake Tracker: Monitor daily nutrients
  • Harvest Time: Your plants are perfect for picking

Explore The New Generation of Harvesting

  • See what others are growing and share your success
  • Order from a large selection of seeds
  • Explore new recipes with your fresh picked greens


  • Empty Weight / 35 lb
  • Dimensions / 43in x 24in x 8in
  • HydroArtPod integrates into your smart home
  • Runs on standard 110-240V household power outlets

What You Get with Your Order

  • 30 germination domes
  • 30 seed pods / plant food pods
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • 30 spout covers

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