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Can your elves produce enough gifts?

Can your elves produce enough gifts?

One Week ‘Till Christmas is a fun and easy-to-learn board game that’s ready to elevate Christmas gatherings for both kids… and adults!

Great fun for Friends & Family

One Week ‘Till Christmas is the board game that will make Christmas Eve that much more fun. Well-designed with interesting moves, a healthy bit of tension, and hilarious situations — it’s great to play with both friends and family, young and old, and guarantees unforgettable memories!

Great fun for Friends & Family


It can be really tiring having to explain game rules over and over… and over again. One Week ‘Till Christmas is designed to be super easy-to-learn and will have the entire table playing in no time.

The Battle of the Elves!

Christmas is approaching and Santa’s elves are rushing to create as many gifts as they can. But there’s a problem — working tables are limited and the elves have to fight for their right to work! Manage your team of elves, take on the challenge, and create the highest number of gifts to win the game!

Prevent Sabotage Attempts

One Week ‘Til Christmas is all about controlling the working tables. So play carefully and take control over as many table spaces as possible using your elf cards. But remember… your opponents will try and take your sweet table space away, so don’t forget to arm your elves with extra powers using item cards!

Most Gifts Wins!

Ho ho ho, would you look at the calendar — it’s Christmas time! After battling to create gifts for 7 days straight, did your team succeed in creating the highest number of gifts? Fingers crossed… because the team with the highest number of gifts wins the game!

What’s In the Box?

  • 150 Playing cards
  • 3 Broken Table tokens
  • 10 Figures
  • Game Board & instructions

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