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ONU: The Most Comfortable Handle-less Mug

ONU: The Most Comfortable Handle-less Mug

The first handle-less mug that is comfortable for everyone to hold and use. Join the ONU revolution now!

Welcome to the world of ONU!

ONU is a distinctive ceramic mug with double-walled insulation, keeping your drink warm and your hands comfortable, even without a handle.


ONU is designed with a sleek handle-less design that combines both aesthetics and functionality. It makes ONU simple.


With its innovative handle-less design, ONU provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip that perfectly accommodates your hand.


With meticulous craftsmanship and a deep passion for creating the perfect mug, ONU will transform your daily beverage rituals.

You don't need handles. Period.

Traditional mug handles may NOT fit everyone's hand size or grip preference, leading to discomfort and difficulty in finding a secure grip. They can also create an imbalanced weight distribution, making it challenging to hold the mug steadily.

But without a handle, there is another challenge

Traditional handle-less mugs DO NOT eliminate the risk of direct contact with hot surfaces, compromising safety and comfort. Additionally, their slippery design DOES NOT prevent accidents and spills caused by condensation or hot beverages.

So we removed. In a safe way.

That's why we created mugs that have NO HANDLES - but are still comfortable to hold.

Here's Our Secret

Our innovative "HOLLOW" design keeps your hands warm without the risk of burning. By seamlessly merging the inner and outer forms, we create a hollow space within the mug's walls. This cleverly channels the heat away from the outer wall, ensuring a comfortable grip while enjoying your favorite beverage.


  • Diameter : 83mm / 3.27 inch
  • Height : 138mm / 5.39 inch
  • Capacity : 350ml / 11.8 oz

short onu mug

  • Diameter : 71mm / 2.64 inch
  • Height : 114mm / 4.49 inch
  • Capacity : 180ml / 6 oz

Color Options

We invite you to explore the collection of 5 exquisite color.

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