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oragic: an artificial intelligent diary

oragic: an artificial intelligent diary

a virtual diary based on AI, showing the impact of different components (people, activities, environments) on your mental health.


Mental health is a state of well-being which permits productive work output and allows for meaningful contributions to society. All of us are facing with different kind of mental problems at different ages and not dealing with them properly may cause serious problems.



A virtual personal space where you can safe and freely share your emotions and thoughts. The platform will give you a side view how other people or activities reflect on your mental health. Investigating you it will motivate you and help you to find YOUR REAL SELF.

Competitive Advantages


The key-feature of the platform is that it is based on AI. It super-focused on user. It investigates the user behavior and takes care of each user individually.

Super user-centered

The platform investigates it's user and generates motivating and self-caring plan for each user individually.

Adequate Environment

All the content will be passed thought a strict review before publishing. It's a safe space for both children and adults.


The core functionality is completely free. No paid features.

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