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OWN: World's First AI Powered Smart-Tech Shoes

OWN: World's First AI Powered Smart-Tech Shoes

Step into a healthier future with revolutionary footwear that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge sensor technology, paired with a comprehensive app with AI tools that will revolutionize your well-being and augment your highest potential.

Smart Shoes with Unique Health Tracking

Introducing OWN, shoes designed to fit your arch and keep track of vital health statistics. Enjoy real-time updates on your body weight, walking patterns through advanced GAIT analysis, ECG, BP, and much more, directly on your device. Get real time coaching, unique analytics through AI tools based on your integrated findings and activities. The more you wear your OWNs, the more effectively they can guide you towards your objectives and provide insightful predictions about your future health.

Revolution in Style: Tech-Infused Casual Shoes

Experience a blend of style and innovation with sustainable, all-purpose shoes. Featuring integrated GPS, smart sensors, and water resistant design, OWN shoes redefine modern footwear. Enjoy effortless charging with built-in wireless plate and indicator lights. These shoes offer a week's data storage, even without battery, catering to the needs of the tech-savvy and fashion-forward.

Sole-Full of Health Metrics

At the core of OWN experience is the seamless interaction between the smart shoes & the specially designed app. 

Guided by AI, Inspired by Reflexology

OWN merges the ancient therapy of reflexology with AI technology, creating a truly unique footwear experience. By tracking specific foot pressure points, the shoes tap into the calming and healing benefits of reflexology. This information is seamlessly integrated with an app, where AI interprets the data and provides personalized guidance for improved health and well-being. Experience the future of footwear, where tech meets ancient wisdom for a uniquely tailored journey to better health.

OWN smart shoes blend advanced technology with tasteful design. Sleek lines, modern aesthetics, and a variety of colors ensure a fit for every style, while reflexology insoles mold to the foot's unique shape, promising unparalleled comfort. Experience the perfect fusion of fashion and function with OWN.

Wellness Unwrapped: Contents of Your OWN  Box

Smart shoes

Wireless Charging Plate for the shoe

Portable travel charger

User manual

Casual Shoes Designed For Versatility

OWN users span tech enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts, yoga practitioners, and those seeking relief from leg joint pains or neuropathy. The community also includes mindful individuals, eco-conscious Earth Citizens, successful entrepreneurs, culture creatives, and new age millennials. They share a passion for holistic health, style, and innovative technology.


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