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Prolong The Life Of Your Dog 

Prolong The Life Of Your Dog 

Introducing Petsie - the ultimate toothbrush for your dog! Utilizes electrolytic technology to break down plaque and bacteria for thorough dental hygiene effectively. No toothpaste is needed, leaving your pup's teeth shining and breath fresh. Invest in a healthier, happier future for your dog! 

Treat Your Pup To A Better Oral Hygiene Experience

As a dog parent, your furry friend's well-being should be a top priority. Unfortunately, many forget the importance of dental care. Poor oral hygiene can lead to painful dental issues with dangerous outcomes. Petsie is here to help! With electrolytic technology, it removes plaque and bacteria without costly vet visits or anesthesia. Regular use will ensure healthy teeth, potentially extending your pup's lifespan. By investing in Petsie, you invest in your dog's long-term health and happiness.

Electrolytic Technology

Petsie is superior to other toothbrushes thanks to the innovative electrolytic technology and the clinical studies backing the concept. It generates a tiny electric current – too weak for your pooch to feel anything but strong enough to prevent and eliminate plaque and tartar efficiently.

No Toothpaste Required

With Petsie, you can bid farewell to the hassle of using traditional toothpaste for your pup. This innovative toothbrush is designed to eliminate the need for sticky gels and messy pastes that may harm your dog's health if swallowed.

Mobile App

Download our mobile application and bear no worries, you’ll find all the guidelines & support for your four-legged friend’s health journey. From learning how to brush and tracking the brushing sessions to becoming an expert in dog health & behavior, Petsie has got you covered.

Flavored Bristles

Brushing your pup's teeth just got a whole lot tastier! With Petsie, your furry friend can enjoy the toothbrushing experience with the added bonus of delicious flavors — like beef, chicken, and even salmon, to make sure your pup looks forward to brushing time. Not only will they have a cleaner, healthier mouth, but they'll also enjoy the process!


Thanks to Petsie's replaceable brush heads and 0% need for toothpaste, now you can have a toothbrush tailored for Planet Earth's well-being. No need to buy a new toothbrush every time it gets worn out or your pup overgrows it - pop in a new brush head and give your pup a dazzling smile! We understand how important a clean environment is — so we make sure to use materials that will minimize landfill waste and prevent contamination of any kind.

Suitable For Everyone

Petsie is suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs. Our patent-pending technology makes it the most pup-friendly toothbrush ever — guaranteed! So no matter the size or age of your pup, Petsie has you covered.


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