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PocketLock - Trust Your Pockets Again

PocketLock - Trust Your Pockets Again

Keep your valuables safe - with PocketLock nothing will ever fall out of your pockets again. Stay informed of the upcoming Kickstarter launch in August, and get the best discount.

A magnetic pocket sealer for a hassle-free life

Safeguard your valuables with our discrete self-sealing magnetic technology - a haven for keys, smartphone, and wallet where safety meets comfort.

Easy permanent attachment

Attach once and enjoy for years! PocketLock is designed to remain permanently attached for everyday long-term use.

Losing valuables can happen anywhere

Items can be lost out of pockets when sitting in a taxi, at a cafe or during transport. PocketLock lets you unlock your pockets full potential.

Pocketlock in action

With PocketLock your wallet will not fall out!

An invisible solution to keep your pockets safe

PocketLock is attached on the inner side of your pocket and cannot be seen from the outside when in use. 

Kickstarter August launch

We are exited to be launching PocketLock in a couple of weeks. Preview video now, and see our founder Kasper testing out PocketLock in the end!

Automatic closing

PocketLock gently closes the opening of the pocket keeping your valuables safe inside 

Easy to reuse on new pants

Switch from shorts to winter wear in no time. Peel off magnetic strips, and apply new fabric tape - attach on new pocket as normal 

Tested for everyday use

PocketLock will stay put and endures low-temperature washing in accordance with the normal recommended washing instructions protecting both your pants and PocketLock.  

Versatile closing mechanism

PocketLock is highly adaptable to your movements due to patent pending technology. It will close your pocket no matter the situation - when sitting down, standing up or doing backflips.

Versatile design

PocketLock fits most pocket sizes, fabrics and styles where you can access pocket from the innerside

Long lasting design

PocketLock is expected to outlive your pants with its robust and streamlined design. Our design combines simplicity with enhanced security.

Invisible yet indispensable!

Seamlessly integrated into your pockets, PocketLock provides unparalleled security without compromising style and comfort

Safeguard expensive valuables

Most people carry expensive valuables in their pockets with no simple solution to keep them safe

A secret weapon against pickpockets

Stay one step ahead of pickpockets in bustling crowds with PocketLock. Protect your valuables discreetly and confidently, leaving no room for theft or worries.

Lost phones are the past

70 million smartphones lost each year. Loose or poorly designed pockets can increase the risk of pocket slips leading to the loss or damage of valuable devices.

Easy access no sacrifice

Effortlessly slide your phone into your pocket. PocketLock opens easily without much force

How to attach PocketLock?

Following a simple guide, the attachment is done in less than a minute. Simply turn your pants inside out and attach each of two PocketLock strips with specially designed strong fabric tape.

Tested under extreme conditions

From endurance athletes pushing their limits to gymnasts performing gravity-defying moves, PocketLock has proven its ability to withstand intense physical activities without compromising the security of your belongings.


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