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ArtBuds: Earbuds You Just Can't Lose!

ArtBuds: Earbuds You Just Can't Lose!

Introducing the Artronic Artbuds – the future of earbuds: Enjoy super slim earbuds that defy the odds as they're almost impossible to lose. WHY? Thanks to their seamless attachment to your iPhone with a magnetic snap-on charging case.

Finally, Earbuds That Stay With You At All Times!

If you're a commuter who uses earbuds, a slim, magnetically attached charging case is a must-have accessory. It's the perfect way to keep your earbuds safe, secure, and charged no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Epic sounds on tap

ArtBuds include a large 8mm speaker so you can enjoy the latest tunes on the go in crystal clear quality.


The simple-to-use touch controls also mean you're in control without needing to handle your phone if it's in your bag or pocket.


The high-performance True Wireless (TWS) Bluetooth provides a solid connection no matter which environment you're in.


In-ear detection automatically pauses your music if ArtBuds are removed.

Stylish Neutral Color Combinations

Launch color options are a stylish Gray & Black combination and our Pearl White Option... both in line with the new Apple iPhones standard colors. 

Our post-launch colors include a Purple combo and Cool Blue.


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