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Protean Space: Gaming Space Management

The Protean Space is the only gaming desk in the world that puts your required controls in front of you every time. Whether you’re driving, flying, or running & gunning, your gaming station shifts to your immediate needs. Settle in & play it your way.

Shifting to your every beck and call.  Mount your
controllers on the wings, and your keyboard and mouse
on the large central plate. 

From there you can have effortless transitions from driving down the motorway or flying an aircraft to killing zombies without having to move your seat.

Adjustable In More Ways Than One

The Protean Space gaming station fits your desk, your chair and your sofa, so everything has its place no matter where you are. Play in comfort from anywhere there is a screen and a place to sit, no matter the game.

Stay Seated, Stay in Control

Rest it neatly on your lap with underside mounted padding, or float above your lap using detachable cushions. Once you sit down, you will never have to get up to find another controller because all your controls are within reach.

Because You’re Better

Every athlete has their gear, and this is yours. Morphing to your every comfort, your Protean Space can load all your controllers, wrist rests, lap supports phone/tablet mounts giving you a place for everything you need while gaming. Even if you’re a casual or amateur, settle into your next game session like a professional. 

Protean Space is what has been missing from your setup. This is what you’ve been looking for.


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